About Me - Asha Charles Photography

If you ask me what defines my photography, I would say my ability to create a mood, develop a concept and breathe life into an idea. My passion is to bring imagination to life. My attention to details – wardrobe, hair, makeup, location, props, lighting are all part of the stage. I love imagery that projects the dramatic, whimsical, theatrical and inner soul of the actors on my stage. It allows me to be my most creative and gives me a great sense of satisfaction to create a memorable experience for someone. I’ve always loved photography. In 2008 an opportunity presented itself for me to be mentored by a top sports photographer in Bermuda. I accompanied him on many professional shoots over a period of three years by which time I had also earned a diploma from the New York Institute of Photography. This helped to fast track my development and further fuel my thirst to become a professional photographer. I am fortunate enough to be able to travel fairly frequently and attend conferences and workshops which allows for continuous development and photographic opportunities. I currently live and work in the Cayman Islands and shoot predominantly on evenings and on weekends. While I can shoot any type of photography, my specialties are portraits, fantasy, boudoir, sports and travel.

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