My First Blog - 2017.04.26 - Asha Charles Photography

Hi there! Welcome to my blog! Writing is not one of my better talents but after much procrastination, I acknowledge that it is the only way for my audience to get a glimpse into my life and to get to know me better. A necessary labor, so to speak. So be patient and bear with me as I navigate to the all the good stuff!

So who am I? I am a creative and a busy bee. I am always bubbling with ideas for craft, costumes, art, décor, photography you name it – creating is when I feel most alive. If you find me sitting still it’s usually when I am editing photos and at those times I need television or music in the background to distract me from the fact that I am sitting still! I have lived on several islands. Grand Cayman has been my home since 2012 and captured my heart almost immediately on arrival. Its turquoise waters, pristine beaches and warm people give off a chilled vibe but with just the right amount of sophistication. It’s a wonderful place for photography so I decided to transform my passion into a more viable business venture and recently created my own company. My focus is to provide photography services for portraits, family & engagements, boudoir, weddings, fantasy, sport and corporate work. My style is dreamy and ethereal, and I put a lot of effort into capturing the emotions of my subjects. I absolutely adore fantasy and would do any fantasy shoot in a heartbeat.

For me free time is a luxury. I have a full time job as an accountant and any spare time goes into creating concepts, planning shoots and photographing. When I am not busy with work and photography you can find me hanging out with friends, enjoying nature, the beach, or art and themed events. I love exploring and travelling and have been to numerous places just with photography in mind.So join me and follow my blog to share in my photographic journey and adventures as they unfold. I have included a few photos from my life and my travels for your viewing pleasure. Until next time. Enjoy!

Crystal Caves Bermuda

Fishing Boat in Mayaro, Trinidad

Bay Bridge, San Francisco, California

Smith's Cove, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Yosemite National Park, California

Parlatuvier, Tobago

Baileys Bay, Bermuda

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